Tap Chat for Clearing 2018

for Clearing 2018

by The Access Platform
Is there a lot of coursework during the second year of the Biology degree? 🔬🎓
What are the first-year halls like?
I'm really into playing hockey. Does Demo Uni have a decent team? 😊
Hello. I am a student from China. I would like information on the Business degree at Demo Uni.
Can you give me some tips on writing a personal statement? I'd like to hear from another student! 🔥💯🔥
Hi! I'm looking for help choosing where to live. Where's best for nightlife? 🎊
Hey! I'm probably going to apply through clearing. I'm a bit nervous tbh. Did you or any of your friends do the same, and has it made a difference to you at Example Uni??

Clearing this year going to be mad busy?

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